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  • Trident in Norway - Orcas and Humpbacks

    What is it like to swim with Orcas and Humpback whales?

    We were invited by Whales Underwater, the extraordinary photographers Darren Jew, and Jasmine Carey to join them on their winter expedition high above the Arctic Circle in the fjords of Norway.
    Our very experienced pilot Dominik Fretz got the opportunity to film these amazing mammals while they were hunting for herring. Together with the experienced guides and skippers from Whales Underwater, we could observe the feeding orcas and humpbacks, their group dynamics and interaction.
  • Trident Shark Encounter

    In October 2017 we sent one of our Trident Underwater Drone beta units to dive with Great White Sharks in Isla Guadalupe. Every year, these sharks congregate at this remote island off the coast of Mexico to feed on tuna and elephant seals. Scientists are studying the behavior and population of the sharks. By using acoustic tags, satellite transmitters, and photo ID, they help to protect this shark hotspot.

    The use of underwater drones offers a new, safer, and less intrusive way to study the sharks and give insight into their behaviour without the direct presence of humans.

  • Diving With Sea Lions

    Ever wondered what it is like to be a sea lion and be part of their group?
    Mitch and Dominik took one of our beta units of the Trident Underwater Drone on a trip with Shark Stewards to the Farallon
    Islands and got incredible footage of the sea lions swimming and checking out Trident.

  • Guadalupe Night Dive

    What lies below the ocean surface?
    This is footage from a night dive at Isla Guadalupe, Mexico. Trident was diving to about 95m/310ft to see what most probably no human eye ever saw. Isla Guadalupe, famous for its Great White Sharks obviously has a lot more to offer!

  • Galapagos Shark

    Diving in the Galapagos, 30m under the boat and the locals come and say hi!

    Bacalao Grouper, Razor Surgeonfish, and a curious Galapagos Shark, all come and say hi to Trident!

  • Blue Whales

    Blue whales - the largest animals on earth at up to 30m (100ft) and weighing up to 70 tons or more. 

    These gentle giants approached Trident and continued on their path undisturbed.


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