Technical Specs


Weight: 3.3kg (7.3lbs)
Dimensions: 86mm x 205mm x 410mm (3.4in x 8in x 16.1in)
Depth rating: 100m (328ft)
Neutrally buoyant in both fresh and saltwater
(includes additional ballast)
Hydrodynamic chassis design:
  • Speeds up to 4 knots (2m/s or 6.75ft/s)
  • Tracks well in a straight line
  • Able to pitch at high speeds
  • Able to hover up and down at low speeds
  • Rugged rubberized bumpers for protection and grip


Breaking Strength: very strong - 1.1kN (247 lbf)
Diameter: 4mm (0.16in)
Neutrally buoyant in freshwater
High visibility yellow
Connectorized for easy tether management
25m (82ft) standard length
100m (328ft) length available


3 forward facing LEDs on each side
Total lumens: 360
Color temperature: 4000K

Wireless topside

Trident is connected to a wireless topside unit that can communicate to your device of choice
Protocol: 802.11
Range: ~30m (98ft)

Motors / Propellers

3 brushless DC motors
Ruggedized for low maintenance in seawater
Electronic speed control matched with motors for optimal underwater performance


Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) with 3-axis gyro and
3-axis accelerometer
Depth sensor
Magnetometer (compass)


Resolution: 1080p
Frame rate: 30 fps
Compression: onboard H.264 for easy streaming, recording, and storage
High dynamic range (HDR)
Excellent color rendition
Wide angle
Optimized for low light and underwater use


AC adapter and charger included
Chemistry: lithium manganese cobalt oxide (NMC)
Capacity: 95Wh
Average run time: 3-4 hours
Average charge time: <3 hours


Modules and add-ons interface with the main vehicle via WiFi
Published and standard bolt pattern

Trident hole pattern


System requirements: Any device able to run a recent version of Google Chrome
Device types: laptop, tablet, smartphone, or modern mobile device
Control methods: game controller, joystick, keyboard, or touchscreen
VR capable
Customizable UI
Computer assisted flight controls including:
  • Gyro stabilization
  • Depth hold
  • Heading hold