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OpenROV 2.8 Kit


  • Live HD Video Camera
    Live HD video

    It streams HD video to a surface laptop over an ultra-thin two-wire tether.

  • Live HD Video Camera
    Neutrally buoyant and highly maneuverable

    The compact and lightweight design maneuvers using a proven three thruster design. It can dive to a depth of 100m (328ft) and the intuitive control system allows for smooth movement.

  • Live HD Video Camera
    Easy to use web browser interface

    To operate the vehicle you do not need an internet connection or to download software on your computer.

  • Live HD Video Camera

    External I2C bus with 3.3V power for instrumentation, like our IMU/Depth Sensor. One power PWM channel, one servo control channel, and an auxiliary wire for easy integration of additional components including servos, lights, or any other user-defined devices.

  • Live HD Video Camera
    Active, worldwide community

    Gain access to an uncharted under-sea world and the amazing, supportive community of people who are curious about it!
    Community additions include controlling ROVs using mobile phones, Firefox and Safari browsers, as well as using wifi connections to the topside adapter.

What else do I need?

  • You will need a laptop with RJ-45 ethernet connector and a free USB port. Don't have an RJ-45 port? There are many USB to RJ-45 adapters on the market.
  • Rechargable 26650 batteries and chargers.
  • Optional: Gamepad controller such as a Logitech F310.
  • Optional: Video recording software. We like to use a Chrome extension called Screencastify.
  • You can learn even more about operating your OpenROV by reading our Operators Manual.

    Tool List:

    • Soldering iron, heat gun, wire strippers, flush cutter
    • Hacksaw, small screwdriver set, needlenose pliers, scissors, utility knife, standard pliers
    • Acrylic cement, applicator for acrylic cement, Super Glue, 2-Ton Epoxy, silicon based lubricant
    • Electrical tape, sand paper
    • Disposable rubber gloves, safety glasses


      Physical specifications:

      • Weight 2.6kg
      • Dimensions 30cm long x 20cm wide x 15cm high
      • Nominal battery life using rechargeable lithium batteries is 2-3 hours (depending on use)

      Performance specifications:

      • Maximum depth 100m (328ft)
      • Maximum tether length 300m (100m tether provided)
      • Maximum forward speed 2 knots
      • LED brightness 200lm
      • Temperature capability -10C to 50C
      • Software controlled camera tilt (+/- 60 deg from center)


        • HD Webcam (120 deg FOV) with audio
        • Red Scaling lasers (parallel, 10 cm separation)
        • Current and voltage protection with feedback to ensure proper system function
        • External I2C bus with 3.3V power for external instrumentation
        • 6 additional auxiliary wires for user-defined external instrumentation or devices. One power PWM channel and one servo control channel are preconfigured.

        Get your OpenROV 2.8 Kit now!


        • Beaglebone Black AND Arduino MEGA microprocessors for a flexible and powerful developer platform with dozens of input/output channels and plenty of computing power for user-designed features and experiments
        • Payload area for additional hardware or equipment
        • Join our open source, ocean-loving community--find all the software and hardware files online as well as a vibrant and enthusiastic community to share adventures, ask questions, and meet other people with passion for exploration

        Minimum system requirements

        • OS/X/Windows/Linux
        • Latest Chrome browser


        These are downloads are particular to the 2.8 ROV!
        v30.0.3 ROV FLASH image30.0.3 release of the OpenROV FLASH image. Must be burned on a SD card and is used to FLASH the onboard memory on the ROV7 Oct 2015Release Notes
        v30.0.3 ROV SD Card image30.0.3 release of the OpenROV SD CARD image. Must be burned on a SD card and remains in your ROV7 Oct 2015Release Notes
        v30.0.2 ROV FLASH image30.0.2 release of the OpenROV FLASH image. Must be burned on a SD card and is used to FLASH the onboard memory on the ROV9 Jul 2015Release Notes